About Us

We are a group of kite enthusiasts dedicated to bring high quality kites to the masses. From basic kites to the advanced dual and quad-lined kites, our warehouse stocks more than three hundred different types of kite at any one time.

We provide:

* Sales
* Wholesale
* Custom-Made Kites
* Kit & Accessories
* Repairs
* Sky Advertisement

We regularly partner with grassroots organizations to hold kite flying events and also provide “sky advertisements” through custom-made kites.

Feel free to contact us if you require us to organize a kite flying event.



Recent Posts

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  5. Kites for Children
  6. Frameless/Soft Kites
  7. Delta Kites
  8. Thee Dimensional Kites
  9. Bird Series Kites
  10. Fish Series Kites
  11. Giant Kites
  12. Accessories

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