Big M

Size: 245cm
Frame: Resin Rods
Flying Line: with 2*30m 80lbs Line with handle included
Product Code: BIGM

Price: SGD$59.00


Size: 245cm
Flying Line: with 2*30m 80lbs Line with handle included
Frame: Resin Rods
Product Code: FX240-08

Price: SGD$49.90

Trapeze Foil 3.0 Green Black

Size: 270*110cm
Sail Area: 3m square
Recommended Flying Line: 200lbs Dyneema Line
Product Code: #62303

Price: SGD$89.90

Trapeze 2.1 Rainbow

Size: 210*60cm
Type: Dual Line Power Foil
Made with lightweight, tear resistant, parachute fabric
includes 2*30m Handle with 80lbs Waxed Line (Ready to fly)
Recommended add-ons: Wrist Straps
Stunt Kite Winder with 30m 150lbs Dyneema/Spectra
Product Code: #62302

Price: SGD$48.90



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