Ahesive Dacron Repair Tape (Per Meter)

Heavy-duty, sticky-backed Dacron tape can be used for repairing leading edges and reinforcing at cutouts in kite sails.
Suitable for kite-making.
Imported from USA
Width: 1 inch (2.6cm)
Product Code: AHECAFU077

Price: SGD$3.00

Ahesive Mylar Repair Tape (5 piece Pack)

Clear ahesive mylar repair tapes. Use this tape for kite repairs.
Strong enough even for power kite repairs.
Imported from USA
Width: 3 inch (7.6cm)
5 piece packs 10cm long Per Piece.
Custom Lengths also available for orders.
Product Code: AHE9N2BO62

Price: SGD$8.00

Crayons 12 Colour Pack

12 Colours Wax CrayonsNon-toxic
Brilliant Colours
Product Code: CRAX158F79

Price: SGD$1.40


Product Code: SCIIBMZ645

Price: SGD$3.00



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