Wind 3 Kites

2.1m Longevity Sword Stunt Kite

Size: 210cm
Sail: High Quality Ripstop Nylon
Frame: Resin
Line included: 2*30m Line with handle
Recommended Add-on: 2*150lbs Dyneema and Stunt Kite Straps
Product Code: #60203

Price: SGD$44.90

Butterfly Trick (PC-31)

Size: 235*92cm
Sail: Icarex PC31 + Mylar
Conntectors: Orginal APA connectors
Produvt Code: #60207

Price: SGD$180.0

Butterfly Trick Kite

Size: 235*92cm
Sail: Ripstop Nylon
Product Code: #60206

Price: SGD$150.0

Kevlar Line 160lbs 1000m

Line Type: Twisted Kevlar
Line Strength: 160lbs
Length: 1000m
Product Code: KEV160-1000

Price: SGD$49.90



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